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Jules R.

"The pressure was perfect. Deep tissue, but not too hard. Martin has a gift for knowing exactly how much pressure and what technique is needed to release the tension in any given spot. It's pretty incredible."

Kevin H.

"You're not just getting someone to rub your muscles. Martin has the knowledge of the body and a heart for helping people ease their stress, So when he works on you you're getting a physical and energy shift in your state of existence. Wonderful to say the least, and life changing to say the most if practiced regularly!"

Julie L.

"Martin was so knowledgeable about different muscles and structure and communicated very articulately on the different areas of the body and massage process. The pressure was a little harder than I normally like, but I felt great immediately after as well as the next day!"

Monica B.

"I just had such a great experience! Martin was super friendly and helped me to feel very comfortable. I felt like I already knew him! My first session with him he helped my physical pain (so many tight muscles) and at the same time I felt like my stress and tension just melted away. This is something I need do for myself at least once a month. Being a single, busy mom, I don’t get a lot of “me” time. Just 4 days a month! So, getting a massage from a random person here and there, it’s kinda hit or miss. So next time – I know who to call! In-home is soo much more convenient too! See you next time, Martin!! And thanks again!"

 My Story

I have always been fascinated by mechanisms, solving problems, and understanding the world through touch. As a kinesthetic oriented person, I was naturally drawn to therapeutic massage. It combines multiple components I love, like working with my hands and understanding the mechanics of our bodies. Ultimately, this leads to creating lasting positive change in people's lives.

Being trained in the art of verbal and non-verbal communication, I listen extraordinarily well and am perceptive, often pre-empting the needs of my clients.

Licensed since 2013, I've cultivated and honed techniques through working with various populations of people from around the globe in a variety of settings. My approach to bodywork is rooted in medical knowledge and uses the science of Kinesiology to aid in determining how I "go about my flow". These solution based services tend to create harmony, ease and lasting health benefits in my clientele. I love seeing that evolution take place!



Access my "Answers" page for solutions to common questions. Should this remedy be insufficient still, feel free to reach out to me through e-mail, phone call, or even text!