Developing a holistic perspective has come naturally as I have grown to recognize parallels in how our different bodies (emotional, mental, physical, spiritual) correspond. I wish not to bore you, but philosophy is wherein my heart rests. Philosophy is the driving force behind my work ethic and inspires my every word and action. you'll find philosophic discoveries weaved throughout my writings on my "Wisdom" page!


My clients are privileged to experience some of the main techniques I've familiarized myself with throughout the years. Hydrotherapy, Medical and Sports Massage, Structural Integration, Facilitated Stretching, Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation, & Myofascial Release are all very familiar concepts in my bodywork.

3 Principles of Bodywork

These three components are what I have personally recognized as the core elements of improving function within the body. All three serve and build on one another to create the sum of a complete actionable method for holistic health.



Water consumption is critical in improving function throughout the entire body, and is arguably the absolute easiest and most significant way to revolutionize how your body treats you back.

Range of Motion


With improved hydration comes the ability to move more freely. Ease of motion through developing a wide range of motion creates a wonderful experience as a spiritual being in a corporeal body.

Body Mechanics


This is where scientific analysis meets disciplined methodology. This information guides you through building your bodily structure to attain maximum mechanical efficiency in performing daily movements. Sounds extraneous... until you apply it.

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