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Ineligible Populations

Ineligible populations are inclusive of anyone who has not signed an informed consent waiver.
Massage therapy is contraindicated for people with acute injury, pregnancy in the 1st trimester, intoxication, severe osteoporosis, and/or clinical psychosis.
Massage therapy is also contraindicated for areas afflicted with: burns, open sores, varicose veins, lesions, cysts, and acute inflammation.
The modalities within the LMT's scope of practice do not include prenatal massage nor oncology massage. Doctor's notes are mandatory when working with a potential contraindication.

Payment and Cancellation Policy

All payments are processed through PayPal for the safety of the customer's financial information.
Membership payments are drafted the first business day of each month, and non-member payments are processed upon booking a service.
Cancellations are to be made with a full 24 hours notice and must accompany a reschedule date in order to avoid cancellation fees.
Cancellations less than 24 hours advance will receive a cancellation fee of $50.
Exceptions to all cancellations can be made with a doctor's note containing the doctor's printed and signed name and legible contact information.

Membership Policy

All memberships are paid for on a monthly basis through an auto-draft feature where funds will be withdrawn on the first business day of each month.
Upon a successful transaction your 90-minute massage service vouchers will be "snail-mailed" to the address on file.
After the expiration of certain short-term memberships (Elite and Pro-Tempore access levels) your membership will automatically renew at the standard monthly access membership option unless otherwise specified.
Membership cancellation must have a written and signed 30-day minimum notice from the date of receipt.
Standard Access: all temporary memberships after completion of contract term revert to this standard membership option until otherwise notified. Vouchers are transferrable to anyone who has completed the ECA and expire 5 years from date of purchase.
Choice Access: Vouchers are transferrable to anyone who has completed the ECA and expire 5 years from date of purchase.
Elite Access: this option is a 6 month term of dedication to your body. Should you wish to change membership prematurely a 30 day minimum notice is required. Vouchers are transferrable to anyone who has completed the ECA and expire 5 years from date of purchase.
Pro-Tempore Access: This option is an intensive 2 month re-calibration service for any clients who wish to see accelerated results. These specific vouchers are therefore NON-transferable and expire 5 years after date of purchase.

Booking Information

Energy Compatibility Assessment (ECA)

The ECA is a means by which potential new clients are interviewed to determine Client/Therapist compatibility. This consists of a one-on-one consultation (phone call, video message, or in-person) between the Massage Therapist and the prospective client to determine if the potential recipient of bodywork is eligible to receive service by Martin Scott or assignees, or if they should be better served by a referral to a Physical Therapist or Chiropractor. This is to protect both parties by ensuring the clients needs are best addressed, and that the Massage Therapist isn't pressured to work outside of their legal scope of practice.